Your Obsession With Pizza Probably Isn't As Extreme As This Guy's


If anybody gives you a hard time about your habit of consuming pizza numerous times every week, tell them about a guy in Maryland who says he eats pizza at nearly every meal he has. He doesn't eat much of anything but pizza. He's been doing this for more than two decades and apparently isn't dealing with any negative consequences. The Pizza Man Dan Janssen talked with media outlets in 2014 about his obsession with pizza.

18 May 2015

Mangia! Reasons Why Italian Food Is Great For Your Health


Italian food ranks consistently among the most well-loved cuisines in the world. You might order Italian food with no expectations of eating a healthy meal, but the ingredients in Italian fare are actually quite good for you. So, the next time to take a bite out of a delectable Italian meal, know that you are also giving your body much-needed nutrients. Pasta Naturally, many Italian restaurants are renown for their delicious pasta dishes.

1 April 2015

The Real Story Behind The Origin Of General Tso's Chicken, The Most Beloved Chinese Food Menu Item


General Tso's chicken is one of the most beloved menu items showcased in today's Chinese food restaurants. You know it by its deep fried exterior and combination of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors. General Tso's chicken belongs to the Hunan region cuisine, which is marked by spice, chili peppers, and garlic, but did not actually originate in China. In the 1970s, a special Taiwanese immigrant in New York developed General Tso's chicken as a new menu item.

16 March 2015

French Bread Pizza Ideas


If you want to eat a pizza, but do not feel like going out or making your own crust, how about trying your hand at a French bread pizza? It is simple and easy to make, and cuts out the most time consuming part of the pizza making process. The Basics The best part about a French bread pizza is that it takes very little time to prepare and you can get as creative as you want with it.

4 March 2015