Ways To Make Your Sandwich Shop More Convenient For Customers


Sandwiches were originally a convenience food. It's easier to eat meat and cheese when it is between two slices of bread, after all. Although sandwiches have come a long way in recent years and now come in more varieties than ever before, most people who order a sandwich still want to grab it and eat it on the go. So if you can make your sandwich shop super convenient for customers, they'll love it — and your reputation will grow. Here are some ways to make your shop more convenient.

Offer some pre-made sandwiches.

Yes, many customers will want a freshly made sandwich, and you should certainly continue to offer them. However, you can also pre-make and wrap a few sandwiches each morning and put them in a cooler for customers who are in a real rush. The customers who are in a real hurry will appreciate not having to wait while their sandwich is made. Choose pretty standard sandwiches to premake — ones that appeal to everyone, such as turkey clubs and ham and Swiss.

Include a gluten-free and vegetarian option on your menu.

Sure, someone could modify a turkey sandwich by having you take the turkey off and add eggplant, making it vegetarian. And someone could substitute a gluten-free wrap for a sandwich roll, making any sandwich gluten-free. But not every customer is going to want to take the time to request these changes. You'll make things easier for people on specialized diets if you simply include at least one gluten-free and one vegetarian sandwich on your menu. If guests request that you modify other sandwiches to their liking, you can do that, as well, but many will just go for the option listed on the menu.

Offer hard-sided to-go containers.

It is easiest to just wrap a sandwich up in paper and send it out the door, and many customers will consider this adequate. However, you may want to have some hard-sided plastic or Styrofoam to-go containers on-hand, too. If a customer is taking their sandwich a longer distance or has to stack a bunch of sandwiches in a bag, they will appreciate the extra protection. It will save them from having a smashed sandwich later.

By offering pre-made sandwiches, including some gluten-free and vegetarian options, and offering hard-sided to-go containers, you'll make your sandwich shop a more convenient place for customers to stop and eat. Implement the tips above, and don't forget to enjoy a sandwich yourself. See what other sandwich shops are offering in your area, too. 


17 August 2020

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