4 Unique Soda Features Available At Caribbean Restaurants


When you dine at a Caribbean restaurant, not only can you enjoy signature foods like Jamaican patties or jerk chicken, but you can have some unique drinks as well. Like many cuisines, Caribbean food goes great with soda and you can find a number of unique options besides big brands like Pepsi or Coca-Cola. One of the main choices is Jamaican soda.

Jamaican soda has a number of unique features to make the drink a distinct part of your meal. Check out four of the common soda features found when you dine at a Caribbean restaurant.

1. Glass Bottles

A majority of mainstream soda companies use plastic bottles or aluminum cans to store their products in, but Jamaican soda is sold almost exclusively in glass bottles. The glass bottles keep the beverage fresh and add a nostalgic touch to the design. The bottles are durable and the glass helps keep the drink insulated and colder for longer.

2. Flavors

Jamaican sodas come in a number of unique flavors. There are some more traditional flavors like grape or orange, but also a wide range of other options. Examples include pineapple and grapefruit. The flavors tend to focus on various fruits and the colors of the drinks match up with the flavor as well.

For example, the pineapple soda will come in a bright yellow color. The grape soda comes in a deep purple color. When served in the glass bottles, the soda colors really pop out and add a nice visual to any meal you eat.

3. Lower Carbonation

One of the key differences between Jamaican soda and traditional American soda is the carbonation. Jamaican soda tends to have a little less carbonation. The lower carbonation leads to a smoother drink that goes down easier. It's easier to take sips between bites without so much fizz impacting your mouth and throat.

4. Sweeteners

While many American sodas rely on high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten their drinks, Jamaican soda uses pure cane sugar. The sugar cane impact the flavors and add a richer texture to the sips you take. Cane sugar is the original way that sodas used to be made and Jamaican sodas stick with this tradition to maintain the same flavors.

The next time you visit a Caribbean restaurant, try out a soda to see how you like the flavor. When you eat spicy foods like jerk chicken, the sweet flavor of the soda will help reduce the spiciness in your mouth.

For more information, contact a Caribbean restaurant near you.


8 December 2021

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