Italian Dishes That You'll Commonly Find At A Family Restaurant


One of the things that many people enjoy about family restaurants is the diversity of their menus. This is typically an eatery that not only has a vast number of food selections but also has food from several different types of cuisine. At a lot of family restaurants, you'll likely find one section of the menu that is devoted to Italian fare. Someone who craves Italian food can order the dish that they want, while someone else in your family might opt for a completely different type of cuisine. Here are some Italian dishes that you'll frequently find available at family restaurants. 


Spaghetti is one of the staple items on the menu at many family restaurants. While you might primarily associate this dish with Italian eateries, you can enjoy it at a family establishment if you're in the mood for pasta. Many children enjoy spaghetti, so you may find that your kids are eager to order this dish. You'll usually find a few variations on the menu. For example, you might find spaghetti with meat sauce and spaghetti with meatballs. This is a filling dish that you might not always finish, so you can take the remainder home to enjoy as leftovers.


Another type of Italian food that is often available at family restaurants is lasagna. This is a dish that both you and your children may enjoy on occasion. Consisting of several layers of pasta, cheese, and meat sauce, lasagna is ideal for anyone with a big appetite. Some family restaurants add extra cheese to the top of their lasagna and then bake it, which can be a favorite option for anyone who loves dishes that are exceptionally cheesy. If someone in your family follows a vegetarian diet, look to see if the family restaurant has vegetarian lasagna on its menu.

Fettuccine Alfredo

It's also common to find fettuccine alfredo, a staple dish at Italian eateries, on the menu of a family restaurant. Unlike the previous two dishes that use tomato-based sauces, fettuccine alfredo uses a cream and cheese sauce. It's another hearty option that people of all ages can enjoy. You'll often have the ability to add different meats to this dish, although many people favor it plain. For example, lots of restaurants give you the option of having chicken breast added to your fettuccine alfredo.

Visit a local family restaurant to check out its menu, including these examples of Italian fare.


1 September 2022

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