Look For These Authentic Rice Dishes At A Mexican Restaurant


Rice is quite popular in Mexican cuisine. Often, it is just cooked and used inside a dish like tacos or burritos. However, there are some entrees and side dishes that feature rice in more prominent ways. The next time you're at a Mexican restaurant, keep your eyes out for these rice dishes—and consider ordering one of them. 

Arroz con Lima

"Arroz con lima" means "rice with lime" in Spanish. This is a rather light and refreshing rice dish. To make it, the chef begins by cooking rice in water or broth with lime juice and garlic. The garlic is usually added in whole cloves, which are removed from the pot before the rice is served. Traditionally, this dish is sprinkled with cilantro and then served on the side of a hearty, meat-based dish.

Arroz a la Tumbada

This is a really rich, luxurious rice dish that is typically served as an entree. The rice is cooked in a thick, clay pot along with a mixture of seafood. Traditionally, a combination of fish filets, shrimp, crabs, and clams is used. But some Mexican restaurants do things a little differently and may only use two or three of these kinds of seafood. The dish also contains plenty of onions, garlic, fish stock, and tomatoes. Most of the liquid is absorbed by the rice as it cooks, but there is a bit of a sauce left behind.

Arroz Verde

This is a really fun dish to order because, as the name suggests, the rice is actually green. The green color comes from poblano peppers, which are diced and cooked along with the rice. Most versions of the dish also have some coriander, which adds a unique warmth. Arroz verde is usually served as a side dish, often with enchiladas.

Arroz Rojo

The name of this rice dish means "red rice" in English. It's made with tomato sauce, which gives it a red color. Other ingredients include chili peppers, garlic, coriander, and onions. While arroz rojo is usually served as a side dish, it is pretty filling and could make for a good lunch on its own. You may also see it as a side to chicken dishes since its tomato flavor pairs well with them.

The next time you're at a Mexican restaurant, check for these rice dishes. They are all worth trying; you'll have to decide which one appeals to your palate the most.

Visit a local Mexican restaurant to learn more. 


16 January 2023

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