6 Pizza And Wine Pairings You'll Love


If you're like most adults, you associate pizza with a nice cold glass of beer — unless you're one of those adults who simply never developed a taste for beer. If you're a wine lover, it's possible that you struggle on pizza night with family and friends when it comes to choosing an adult beverage to enjoy with your meal. Ice water or soda are always options, but if you're in the mood for something more sophisticated, consider pairing your pizza with wine.

2 October 2019

Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Ordering A Barbecue Sandwich


There are many tantalizing things to consider ordering when you visit a local barbecue restaurant, but a sandwich might be at the top of your list. Barbecue sandwiches come in a variety of styles, but you'll commonly find them packed with pulled pork, brisket, or other smoked meats. This type of fare can be desirable because it's not as messy to eat as other types of barbecue — like pork or beef ribs, for example — and it's also faster to eat if you're in a rush.

13 August 2019

3 Non-Chocolate Milkshake Recipes To Add To Your Menu


Keeping a variety of milkshake options on your menu is a great way to appeal to guests, but it seems that everywhere you look, milkshake recipes call for some chocolate ingredient or another. That's all well and good for people who love chocolate, but what about those rare customers who don't like chocolate? Make them feel included by adding some or all of these non-chocolate milkshake recipes to your menu. 

28 May 2019