4 Unique Soda Features Available At Caribbean Restaurants


When you dine at a Caribbean restaurant, not only can you enjoy signature foods like Jamaican patties or jerk chicken, but you can have some unique drinks as well. Like many cuisines, Caribbean food goes great with soda and you can find a number of unique options besides big brands like Pepsi or Coca-Cola. One of the main choices is Jamaican soda. Jamaican soda has a number of unique features to make the drink a distinct part of your meal.

8 December 2021

3 Key Reasons For Restaurant Hood Installation


Are your kitchen staff always complaining of too much smoke and heat? Making the kitchen a more comfortable working space is good for your workers' health. It also shows improved profits from higher productivity in the kitchen. Restaurant hood installation improves the air quality and temperature in the kitchen significantly. Commercial kitchen hood systems have become standard fixtures in modern restaurant kitchens today. Here are several reasons to install kitchen hood systems:

20 September 2021

Making And Using Restaurant-Quality Suya Spice At Home


Suya spice is a unique blend of spices and ingredients that is typically used in Nigerian cuisine. If you've ever dined at an African or Nigerian restaurant, you've probably enjoyed suya spice on grilled meats and fish. With a little time, a few ingredients, and ingenuity, you can make and use restaurant-quality suya spice at home! Here's how. Making the Suya Spice Making suya spice is easier than you might think.

13 July 2021

Tips For Having A Large Event Catered With Barbecue Food


Barbecue food appeals to the masses, stays delicious even as it sits, and makes for excellent leftovers. For these reasons and others, it is a great cuisine choice for a large event, such as a block party or graduation party. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow when having a large event catered with barbecue food. Order more than one type of meat. Often, barbecue restaurants will give you the best price if you order a large quantity of just one meat.

24 March 2021