Setting a Banquet Room Up for Efficient Service


A banquet room allows your restaurant to expand its services and better satisfy customer needs. You can host larger groups for parties without having them take up too much space in your regular dining room. As you set up your banquet room, however, you want to pay close attention to the layout. Here are a few setup and design tips that will help you make the space more efficient for your servers to work in.

Leave space between tables and the wall.

If you have the long, rectangular tables that are common in banquet rooms, it may seem convenient to push them up against the wall. But you're actually better off moving them away from the wall a couple of feet, assuming you have the space to do so. This gives your servers the ability to walk around each side of the table so that they can reach all of the guests more easily. They'll be able to serve and clear more efficiently, which makes a big difference with a large party.

Put some bus tables in the corner.

With such a large group, your servers or bussers are going to have a lot to clear. If you can put a bus table or two in one of the corners, this gives your servers a place to set items as they clear them so they don't have to make as many trips back to the kitchen. You could even drape a curtain around this corner to make sure sure the bus table is hidden and out of the way.

Avoid runners and throw rugs.

Runners and throw rugs might look nice in a banquet room, and they are a less expensive alternative to replacing a floor that's not in good shape. But sadly, it will only be a matter of time before a server trips on them. Your servers will also have to walk with more caution in order to avoid tripping. This is hard to do when carrying a large tray and can slow down service considerably. In the long run, you're better off spending the money on a newer, nicer floor rather than covering it up with area rugs.

Setting up a banquet room for efficient service takes some time and attention to detail. But if you do put in the effort, your customers will be happier, your servers won't have to rush as much, and things should pan out well for your banquets.


10 June 2022

How to Save Money When Eating Out

Welcome to my website. My name is Joanne Taylor. My family and I love eating out at restaurants, but with there being five of us, it can get expensive. In order to be able to continue to indulge in the luxury of eating at restaurants, my husband and I have come up with ways to order and save money. We always thought that ordering kids meals for young children was the cheapest way to go. But we found in many cases, it’s less expensive to order one regular meal and let our two youngest children split it. We make use of coupons whenever possible, restaurant daily specials, early bird specials, and other money savers. I’m going to share some of the ways we’ve been creative in the hope that you will find some useful tips.