Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Ordering A Barbecue Sandwich


There are many tantalizing things to consider ordering when you visit a local barbecue restaurant, but a sandwich might be at the top of your list. Barbecue sandwiches come in a variety of styles, but you'll commonly find them packed with pulled pork, brisket, or other smoked meats. This type of fare can be desirable because it's not as messy to eat as other types of barbecue — like pork or beef ribs, for example — and it's also faster to eat if you're in a rush. If you're getting ready to order your first barbecue sandwich, here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

Going Too Lean

In many barbecue restaurants, your server will ask you how you like your meat once you order your barbecue sandwich. This generally refers to whether you want the meat to be lean, fatty, or a combination of the two. There are lots of reasons that you might want to order your meat lean, but you should go with a combination of lean and fatty. There's little doubt that fat adds a lot of flavor, and you don't want to risk your sandwich being too dry because it's too lean. A few pieces that are on the fatty side will boost the taste of your barbecue sandwich.

Using Traditional Toppings

Barbecued meat has a flavor of itself, so you don't want to hide this flavor by dousing your sandwich in traditional condiments and other toppings. At many restaurants, you'll have the choice of a few appropriate toppings. Barbecue sauce ranging from mild to hot is a common option, as is coleslaw. The latter is often a side dish, but many restaurants offer it as a sandwich topping to add some textural variety to each bite. Don't make the mistake of asking for ketchup or mustard and loading them onto your sandwich. Let the proper flavors of this fare come through.

Choosing Bread

In some eateries, you can choose to have your barbecue sandwich on a bun — typically a sesame seed bun — or on white bread. Generally, the bun will be your better choice. Bread can definitely work with some types of meats, but if your meat is covered in barbecue sauce and thus fairly wet, it will begin to disintegrate the bread quickly. As you eat, you'll notice the bread getting thinner and more difficult to handle. These aren't issues that you'll face when you choose to have your sandwich on a bun.

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13 August 2019

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