Your Guide To Finding Authentic Cuban Restaurants


How can you find the best authentic Cuban restaurants in your area? Whether you're looking for a new local spot to enjoy Cuban cuisine, have a special night planned, or have friends/family visiting, take a look at the easy ways to find the closest top foodie picks.

Real Reviews

There are plenty of places online to read restaurant reviews. But not all review sites are equal. Some even pay reviewers to write fake or biased reviews, highlighting their own restaurants or trashing others.

When reading reviews of local Cuban restaurants look for plenty of details. Reviews that read, "Best ever!" or, "The worst," don't provide enough information. Skip the generalizations and read the ones that include specifics about menu items, prices, service, and atmosphere.

Social Media

Local social media groups can provide plenty of information on community-based eateries. If you belong to a local Facebook (or similar) group, ask the other members if they know of Cuban restaurants in the area. Look for first-hand recommendations, staying away from suggestions made by people who've only heard second- or third-hand about the menu.

Along with getting reviews from groups that you already belong to, look at each restaurant's social media pages. These often include reviews, photos, and other information that you'll need to make a dining choice. You may even find posts that to interact with. If someone comments on the restaurant (on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages), comment back—asking questions about their experience.

Friends and Family

Your in-real-life friends and family are also valuable sources of information. Ask those closest to you for honest reviews. Don't worry if the friend or family member isn't an expert in Cuban cuisine. The important information you need is whether they enjoyed their dining experience or not.

Restaurant Websites

While individual eatery websites may seem biased (in comparison to online reviews on general dining sites), they're also packed with useful information. Many establishments have full websites that allow potential customers to browse menus, review prices, and learn about the history or background of the restaurant.

Finding authentic Cuban restaurants in your area doesn't have to leave you feeling frustrated. If you're not sure where to look, start online. Ask questions in local social media communities and visit each dining option's website. Reading honest reviews can also help you to decide where to eat and why. If you're still searching, ask friends or family members about Cuban restaurants they enjoy.


15 December 2018

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