How To Eat Crab Legs The Right Way


You love crab legs, and you eat them often. You probably consider yourself some type of an expert when it comes to devouring this food choice. However, you might be slightly off the mark. The issue is that some people are going about the process of eating crab legs entirely wrong. Whether you're new to the world of seafood or you're a regular visitor, learn how you can improve on your crab eating skills.


Properly eating crab legs starts with cooking them the correct way. One of the more popular methods for preparing crab legs is boiling. The boiling process is relatively easy and makes clean up even easier. However, you need to make sure you are boiling the crab legs the correct way, which involves not cooking them for too long. 

When you boil crab legs for too long, the shells soften, which makes cracking the shell more of a challenge. Based on the status of your seafood, frozen or thawed, make sure you are not going over the recommended cooking time. 

Slow and Steady

If you plan to eat crab legs, you have to make sure that you are also prepared to exercise some patience. If you move too quickly through the process, don't expect to enjoy your experience. 

For example, when you pull the crab legs out of the shell, if you pull the meat out too fast, you'll probably break it apart, which will leave a significant portion of the meat stuck inside the shell. While you can use a small seafood fork to get the rest of the meat out, the process is tedious so you should work to avoid it whenever you can. Be prepared to take your time.

Side Cracking

When you crack the shell, there is a right and a wrong way to go about the process. Ideally, you want to hold the crab leg in your dominant hand so that you can hold it tightly. You can then place the cracking tool in your non-dominant hand. Turn your wrist on your dominant side to turn the crab leg onto its side. You can then crack the crab leg.

You always want to crack the crab leg on its side because the sides of a crab leg are the hardest points of the shell, which means you can get a cleaner snap. The cleaner the snap, the faster the process and the more meat you can get out.  

With all these crab leg eating tips, you're all ready to enjoy a seafood feast. While you can prepare a feast at home, you can also head out to an awesome seafood restaurant for an even more enjoyable experience. 


1 September 2018

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