Too Busy To Cook? 2 Ideas To Help You Get Out Of The Kitchen Faster


In the past, it was common for one spouse to stay home while the other worked. This made it very easy for the spouse that stayed home to keep the house clean and put delicious meals on the table each night. Times have changed and many couples both work outside of the home. Because of this, it can be difficult to get a meal on the table each night for the family. If this sounds like you, the two tips below should help you get in and out of the kitchen much quicker.

Make or Buy Pizza

Pizza is quick and easy to make and is something that can be fun to do. Let the kids join in to help you. You can purchase ready-made pizza crust, as well as the pizza sauce and all the toppings, so you only have to throw it together. Make it fun for the kids by making pizza they will enjoy. Cook up some macaroni and cheese, and put it over the crust and bake it. Most kids love mac and cheese, and like it even more if they can eat it for a pizza.

You can also make your own special variety of pizza, such as an altered Hawaiian style pizza with chicken and pineapple. Purchase packaged cooked chicken at the store and a pineapple. Cut up the chicken and the pineapple if they are not already cut. Put pizza sauce over the crust, and layer the chicken and pineapple and put cheese on top. Alternatively, set out toppings, such as pepperoni, sausage, cheese, bacon, and more, on small bowls on your table and let your kids create their own pizzas.

To make it easiest on you, order pizza from a local pizza restaurant, such as Nitza's Pizza - The Original pizza, and have it delivered to your door. Many pizza restaurants have a wide variety of pizzas you can choose from, along with pasta, salad, and sandwiches.

Use Speed Products

There are products on the market other than slow cookers and microwaves that can help you speed up your cooking. There is an oven that has a combination of a traditional oven on the bottom, and the top chamber is a convection with the added power of a microwave. Combining these two together as you cook can help you cook your food much faster.

If you need to save space, purchase a countertop oven. This type of oven uses a combination of heating the chamber just like your traditional oven, and moving heated air around your food so that it evenly cooks. Using this combination cooks your food much faster than if you cooked it in a traditional oven. You can also place frozen foods in a countertop oven and they will start cooking them immediately without you defrosting them.

You can find these appliances at most home supply stores. If your slow cooker is old, you may want to consider replacing it also, as it may not be cooking your food as fast now.


23 September 2015

How to Save Money When Eating Out

Welcome to my website. My name is Joanne Taylor. My family and I love eating out at restaurants, but with there being five of us, it can get expensive. In order to be able to continue to indulge in the luxury of eating at restaurants, my husband and I have come up with ways to order and save money. We always thought that ordering kids meals for young children was the cheapest way to go. But we found in many cases, it’s less expensive to order one regular meal and let our two youngest children split it. We make use of coupons whenever possible, restaurant daily specials, early bird specials, and other money savers. I’m going to share some of the ways we’ve been creative in the hope that you will find some useful tips.