Exposing Common Myths About Thai Cuisine


Thai cuisine has experienced an explosion in popularity over the recent decades, and this should come as no surprise given the wide-range of flavors and textures that can be created with Thai dishes. However, there are many people that have a limited understanding about this type of cuisine, and this may cause them to believe a couple of myths about Thai food. By learning the reality behind these notions, you should be better prepared to enjoy your dining experience at these establishments. 

Myth: Thai Food Is Always Vegetarian-Friendly

There is a popular notion that Thai food is almost always vegetarian-friendly. This idea largely stems from the dominance of the Buddhist religion in this country, but this is a very misleading notion. While it is true that you can find dishes on a Thai menu that do not contain meat, they may be prepared using animal fats. 

To avoid accidentally eating meat, you will need to speak with your server to determine which dishes are prepared without using animal fats. This is a common cooking ingredient in Thai cuisine, but Thai restaurants will almost always be able to accommodate vegetarian customers as long as the customer makes their needs known to the server. 

Myth: Thai Food Is Extremely Spicy

Another common idea is that all Thai food is extremely spicy, and believing this idea can be enough to cause some people to avoid the delights of Thai food. For those that do not enjoy or are incapable of eating spicy foods, Thai food is not automatically disqualified because there are many dishes that are cream based, and this significantly reduce the spiciness of the curry and peppers that are often used in these meals. 

Luckily, most Thai restaurants understand that customers may have a difficult time gauging the spiciness of particular dishes. To help ensure that people order meals that they will enjoy, most establishments have a guide on the menu to help customers understand which dishes are spicy. If you are at a restaurant that does not have this type of guide, you will have to rely on the knowledge of your server to determine which dish is best suited to your particular tastes. 

Going to a Thai restaurant can be a culinary treat, but many people find the idea of going to these restaurants intimidating. This should not be surprising given the fact that many people have a limited knowledge about this part of the world's cuisine. By understanding that not all dishes are vegetarian and you can order meals that are mild on species, you should be better prepared to order the next time you are in one of these eating establishments. 


12 June 2015

How to Save Money When Eating Out

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