Your Obsession With Pizza Probably Isn't As Extreme As This Guy's


If anybody gives you a hard time about your habit of consuming pizza numerous times every week, tell them about a guy in Maryland who says he eats pizza at nearly every meal he has. He doesn't eat much of anything but pizza. He's been doing this for more than two decades and apparently isn't dealing with any negative consequences.

The Pizza Man

Dan Janssen talked with media outlets in 2014 about his obsession with pizza. Thirty-eight years old at the time, he said he eats an entire pizza for lunch and another for dinner, but usually only has coffee for breakfast. He says he has raisin bran once a week. He's willing to eat other foods when necessary, such as when he goes to a wedding reception that doesn't have pizza available.

Interestingly, Janssen doesn't even vary his pizza toppings for the most part. He's a vegetarian who hates vegetables. But he does eat at different pizza places and keeps plenty of frozen versions on hand in his freezer, as well as ingredients for making his own.

Health Implications

The pizza diet doesn't seem to have caused negative effects for Janssen. He has diabetes, but that was diagnosed before he started eating this way. His cholesterol and blood pressure are at healthy levels.

Dietitians and people in general tend to assume that this type of intensely focused diet, with its dearth of vegetables and fruit, is inherently unhealthy. However, two other men are known to eat practically nothing but Big Mac hamburgers from McDonald's. Like Janssen, they have been eating their unusual diets for decades, and appear to be in good health.

Concluding Thoughts

Most people desire a more varied diet than Janssen has. You may actually not want to eat pizza for every meal. Eating a reasonable amount several times a week shouldn't be a problem for most people. 

Add some vegetables and some lean meat, such as grilled chicken, and you'll boost the nutrition content. Spinach, red peppers, tomatoes and broccoli are some of the most nutritious pizza vegetables per calorie.

You can even order pineapple on pizza at many pizzerias. It's a standard topping on the Hawaiian pizza, which also traditionally includes ham. Canadian bacon is a common substitute for ham, as some people prefer the flavor and it's a leaner meat.

And if anybody pesters you about your great love for this food, tell them about the pizza man from Maryland, and go ahead and head over to your favorite pizza place like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.


18 May 2015

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